About Us

Founded in 1990, Audio Advice has developed tremendous knowledge and experience, yet we’re still young and energetic, eager for new challenges and opportunities.

We have quick access to a wide range of vendors and products for audio, video, lighting and other amenities, far more than you will see in the typical “big box” store. We know the products – both their strengths and their weaknesses – and we can make them do things that no one else can do.

Our philosophy is simple: We don’t sell you something just because we have it in stock or because we want to make a quick sale. We make sure that each job benefits the customer and provides him or her with something that’s a valuable and long-term investment.

No matter size of budget, we are here to educate and fulfill your project vision. Technology changes quickly,  we are here to meet your needs now and in the future.

  • Experience.

    Decades of experience result in absolute quality.  We measure our experience not by the number of projects we have completed, but rather by constantly raising the bar in home technology and pushing ourselves to create the best experience possible.

  • We Listen.

    The old saying is you learn more by listening, and that’s how we understand your desires. We listen, ask questions and offer proposals reviewing your options with you and determine what your perfect  system looks like. Then we do it.

  • Custom Solutions.

    We love a challenge.

    Want a television to rise from the counter or descend from the ceiling? We have done it.
    Want a family portrait to cover the television screen when off?          We can do it.
    Want stylish yet efficient lawn lighting that’s maintenance free?       We have it.

    These are just a few examples of the work we do. For more, visit our portfolio.

  • Optimal Results.

    At Audio Advice, our job doesn’t end when installation is complete. Our customer service is simply the best. Our attention to detail is obvious from our vehicles to the finished product. You can count on professionalism throughout the projects completion.

    Audio Advice designed and installed systems have a one year warranty on labor, and the manufacturers warranty on all equipment. We strongly recommend the installation of web enabled power protection. In most cases we are notified of a potential problem before it ever shows up, and can usually be dealt with from our office.

We Are Leaders In The Home Solution Industry

My Staff and I bring decades of experience to each and every project. We attend constant training  to stay current with the always changing technology. As Leaders in our field, our process is finely tuned to provide you the client with high quality products that are simple to use and operate.

We represent hundreds of manufacturers. From the best in Audio, Video and Lighting, to the smallest part or cable. Count on us to provide a simple and intuitive system to meet your needs.

Any product or group of products are only as good as the support behind them. This is where Audio Advice LLC shines. Our attention to detail and customer service is unmatched. From our fleet of delivery and service vehicles to the quality of our employees, you can expect the best at all times.


Clay Hawks,  CEO

A Smarter Solution For Your Home

No matter the size of your budget, we are here to educate and fit your project vision.