See the Light!

In years past Lighting Control was installing three and four way switches so you could turn a light on and off from multiple locations. Today that same light can come on at a scheduled time, be controlled from any keypad in the home, be operated from the GUI on your A/V system, or controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Times have changed!

While Panelized Lighting systems provide the ultimate lighting control for the largest homes and commercial spaces, todays products from Control4, Vantage, SAVANT and Lutron offer similar performance from the existing wiring in your home. These solutions are completely scaleable weather you want to control a few or hundreds of lighting loads.

The existing switches are replaced with a dimmers, switches, fan controllers, and keypads that communicate with each other. This allows us to control any load from anywhere in the home. Imagine opening the car door to find a pathway of lights on at the perfect brightness so the grocery bags can be taken in without fear of tripping over the skateboard you did not see.


We just completed a project for a young mother where when she enters the home with her young children, one touch of the keypad not only provides lighting to enter, but powers on the Living Room A/V system to the kids favorite channel so they are happy and content until she is settled.  The kids run to the sofa!

The possibilities are endless. LED Landscape lighting from Coastal Source is constructed of solid brass, and allows us to design your landscape lighting as a painter lays out a canvas. Fixture design, beam width, color temperature, intensity and flexible mounting options are our paint and brush.

New technologies for lamps have changed the way we light our homes. we offer complete design and re lamping service for existing as well as new projects. The energy savings can be astonishing.

Featured Lighting Projects