Control Everything. From Anywhere.

Automation is defined as: automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor.

Audio Advice has been installing automation systems since 199o. Over the years the products we use have become very reliable and easy to use. Control4 offers control of your entire home from the GUI on your TV screen, your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can control the system from anywhere in the world!

Audio and Video systems, Lighting control, security, cameras, multi-room audio, climate control and energy management are all controlled simply and intuitively. Control4 home automation makes life more enjoyable!

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Savant will help you create a home that is uniquely yours,
because we’ve designed our systems to suit the way you live.

Create the perfect mood for dinner—in advance.
When your guests arrive, Savant can dim the lights
and mix the music just as you planned.

Savant can coordinate your thermostats and window
shades to improve energy efficiency. It’ll save you
money—and the effort of thinking about it.

In your Savant Home, it’s never too bright,
and never too dark. Create a lighting scheme
that’s all your own, indoors and out.

Your Savant Home texted to say the front door is
unlocked. Lock it instantly—your home is within
reach, even from miles away.

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