Listen in Style.

Audio is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of your entertainment experience. Although I believe that stereo (2 channels) is the best way to listen to music, today’s high end receivers and Pre/pros do an incredible job creating an entertainment experience in digital surround formats that literally must be heard to be believed.

In the past, we would not consider mixing a high end 2 channel (HIFI) system with a surround system. The new products from Anthem, Classe, Marantz, Denon and McIntosh offer stellar audio performance with the simplicity of video switching and integration with Control 4 and Savant control systems.

If you have never experienced high end 2 channel audio you are missing out. I prefer, in most cases to listen to both music and the audio tracks from television programming from 2 channels.

High end speakers from Bowers-Wilkins, KEF, Paradigm, PSB and many others offer an audio experience that rivals live performance.

Whether you’re a casual radio listener or a hardcore audiophile, music is the soundtrack of  life. The way we get our music has changed. LP’s (records), Reel to reel , 8 track and cassette tape were state of the art at one point. Compact Discs introduced us to a new generation of digital performance. The latest streaming services offer access to millions of tracks and albums that were simply impossible to collect on the older formats. The issue now is remembering the artist or song title that get you to the music you want to hear.

New streaming services are emerging with very high sound quality. Our multi room systems allow us to listen to whatever we like, whenever we like throughout your home and landscape.

It is possible to achieve your desired level of performance, whether the room or area calls for speakers that are floor standing, in wall, in ceiling, on wall, concealed in millwork or hidden in your landscape.

Audio throughout your outside entertaining space offers an experience that  brings the family together like no other. There is, in my opinion, nothing better than watching a magical sunset with my friends and family while listening to high quality music.

Music is the soundtrack of life! Don’t miss out! Contact us to experience for yourself. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you.