Watch in style!

Choosing the right Video display for your area is critical. We offer 4k LED panels up to 108” from Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp and others. Projection systems to 300” from Sony, Epson and Digital Projection. Lifts from Inca and Nexus 21, as well as art screens and custom moldings offer the ultimate in concealment. Feel free to contact us for design ideas!

Technology is changing quickly. 1080P, 4K, and even higher resolutions are right around the corner. The way we get our information is changing as well. The days of VHS tapes, Laser Discs, and DVD’s are all almost forgotten. BluRay has been the format of choice. As we progress into the future, streaming and downloaded media will take the place of the DVD, allowing us to view our movies like we listen to our music. Whenever and wherever we want.